Rule #1: Basically a clown car

We can drive whatever we want as long as it has a 1200cc or smaller engine. Comically small. The organizers encourage that you buy as crappy of a car as possible. Like trade a box of shoes and whatever loose change you have in your house type car. For more info check out our page about what we’ll be driving.

Rule #2: You’re on your own

We’re given a starting point and a final destination. How we get there and how long it takes is completely up to us. Feel like spending a day on the beach in Croatia, or a detour to visit with family in a remote Kazakhstan? We don’t have any family there, but you get the point – we can do whatever we want. Check out our route page to see what we’re thinking

“But what happens if you break down in the middle of nowhere?” you might ask. We’ll just have to figure it out. Very few teams make it the whole way without some kind of issue. Some of the roads (if you can call them that) have a nasty habit of eating suspensions. So you can either kick the ground, pout, and quit or kick the ground, pout, and figure out where to find a mechanic and how to talk to them. Pointing seems to be the universal language, and we consider ourselves experts at pointing. So barring (or depending on the level of) catastrophic failure we should be fine. We also have a gentleman’s agreement to not each other at the first sign of a skipped meal.

Rule #3: Save the World

Since we’ll be partaking in the most epic of all adventures, it’s only fair that we give something back. We have to raise at least £1000 for charity. Half of that will go to Cool Earth which is the official charity of the rally. The other half we are free to donate to one of our choosing if we decide to not give it all to Cool Earth. Fore more information, check out our charity page which explains all about Cool Earth and what they do.